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1 : 2020 : Welcome to Rody and Kylie's Weekly Movie Watchlist Recommendations

We're self confessed and widely acknowledged (by our family and friends) movie enthusiasts. Our movie consumption is insatiable, sometimes we feel like they're not making movies quick enough to satisfy. Knowing this about us, we're constantly asked to offer up movie recommendations: "what's good on Netflix" or "what should we watch for date night at the cinema" or "what's good that I've missed out on"...

So, we thought we'd share our vast movie watching knowledge for all to enjoy.

But a few rules first!

1. This is a place of love, so we're not 'critiquing' movies. Movies are art, they're subjective which means they mean different things to different people. The movies you will find on our weekly recommendations are only movies we love, not the ones we don't.

2. It's for all types. As our recommendations grow you will notice the titles become eclectic, which is a reflection on our taste. Action, Romance, Horror, Drama, Foreign, Arthouse.... you name it we watch it. We often go through phases of binging a particular genre or style.

3. Don't get greedy. We have day jobs, so this list isn't all things all at once. We'll add to it weekly, five films at a time.

4. There are no faves. Referencing rule #1 as it's all love here, the movies listed are in no particular order, for this list of five or for any titles that make our recommended watchlist.

5. Click for more. For more insights on our recommended movies, simply click on the movie poster.

And... without further adieu, here is our first five:

WEEKLY 5 LIST - click posters for more!



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