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5 : 2020 : Roll with the old and new

Our snapshots this week roll when a voodoo mystery turns deadly for a bunch of hapless teens caught in a vintage selfie ambuscade. And ambush seems to be the theme motivating former marine to take bloody violent revenge on those responsible in a smart, thrilling and at times funny ride. Then in 1988, Brad Pitt in full motorcycle leathers and we mean full - head to toe gives a touching performance as a guy who just wants to live an ordinary life. But some people aren't destined for ordinary lives as compassionately depicted in a truely inspired hilarious and tender cross country road trip forging a most unlikely friendship. Ending with some gold one-liners thanks to a relentless hitman chasing down a naive cab driver and his million dollar baggage.

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Let's get into it, here is our five, click on title for movie info:




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