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4 : 2020 : Go forth and dig for gold.

It's come to our attention there are some movies... sacred movies, brilliant movies that may have been lost to new generations or simply slipped through the cracks of ones moviegoing timeline. At a time where movie going and movie choices have never been so prolific, some of the good stuff, the great stuff, the cream of the storytelling crop simply cannot rise to the predictive selection surface amongst the glut of content. But this is exciting news for audiences, it means you have a plethora of movie gems to be discovered. Go forth and dig beneath the SVOD bot suggestions and uncover entertainment gold.

You will not have to march forward alone, we have your backs. We are on a mission to continue to bring forth the gold in forms of film recommendations that will make you laugh, cry, rejoice, hug your loved one and etch deep in your memory, so you don't miss out.

Speaking of such films, this weeks recommendations include the streets of Philadelphia where intolerance meets compassion and understanding with two compelling and intense performances. Continuing that theme of injustice, you'll see the FBI swap evidence for assumptions in an incredibly tragic true story. The mood lightens as you hit the surf and hang loose with one of the most endearing characters ever put to film, before letting a group of adolescent outcasts pull you into their pulse pounding, gruesome adventure. And a film that may have missed the mark with most critics but truly celebrates the complications of life.

New to the blog? We have some rules that apply to our recommended selections Click here for a rule refresher from our first blog. Or if you'd like to view the entirety of watch list recommendations so far, in one quick spot, check out our growing gallery.

Let's get into it, here is our five, click on title for movie info:




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