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2 : 2020 : Eclectic Would Be An Understatement!

We warned you that our movie selection is eclectic so it's only natural that our movie watchlist recommendations would reflect that taste. But don't be scared. True to our rules they are movies we love, they just come in all different shapes and sizes.

This week we are traversing the globe. You'll experience a truly special comedy of social expectations in LA, before landing in France as pubescent adventures continue in eye popping comedy and hope. Next be thrilled by a super charged bromance climaxing in Le Mans, cruise from India across Europe with a multifarious family and their entertaining melodrama. And, landing with a thud in the NYC mean streets.

Some of these movie titles are not for the faint hearted, if that's you take note of our warnings on the movie's info page.

And, please don't forget our rules! Click here for a rule refresher.

And... without further adieu, here is our five:

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